Treat you like family
and friends

You know you’ve come home when they call you by your first name and treat you like you matter. These are the people you go an extra mile for, because you care about their feelings and about giving them what they need. We call this our TYLF culture and it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it. Are you treating this member or your colleague like a close family or friend? Yes? Then you’re on the right track.

TYLF stands for Treat You Like Family and Friends and it’s exactly what AMA culture is about. We make time every day to treat our colleagues and our members as if they were our own family: with respect, good humour, warmth, and care. We’re all in this together. That means we support each other and celebrate success – big and small – along the way.

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Career Building

From the moment you clip on your first name tag, to the moment you retire – you are an AMA ambassador and an advocate. Your story is unique and an important part of the bigger AMA story. So here's the deal. We want our employees to explore what a full career with AMA looks like and help them live their best life. With so many lines of business at AMA, there is a lifetime of opportunities to explore.

Community Involvement

AMA attracts people, like you, who care about their community. Fundraisers, disaster donation drives, blood donor drives – our employees pay attention to the needs of others and work hard to make a difference. In fact, looking out for the needs of our community is part of our longstanding tradition: it's the AMA way. We'll step up our efforts to support you as you make a difference. When we work together, we can do great things. That's why we also partner with groups across Alberta – to create programs that make our roads and the environment safer, and to help you protect your personal property and identity.

Our Promise

Employees have always been AMA's best ambassadors: passionate about helping members, treating colleagues with respect, and living our values. Just like our members, we are passionate about making our lives as fulfilling as they can be. AMA is committed to working with our employees and to create opportunities for them to contribute their best work and to live their best life.