Our President

AMA has never been a typical place to work, and I think that's a good thing. It's part of what makes us special.

We have a strong tradition of drawing self-starters, innovators, and problem-solvers to our team, and this has helped drive our success since 1926. But we have also drawn people with big hearts: people who care about members, their colleagues, and their communities. If this sounds like you, then please consider a future with us.

Don Smitten

President and CEO

Our Vision

We inspire confidence in the hearts and minds of our members to live their best life.


Our Why

We believe members want assurances in life, from everyday living to important life events. We help members protect the things they care about most.

Our people take pride in doing that every day. Even though they have many different jobs, our people are the kind of friends you’d pile into a car and hit the open road with. You don’t always know where the day will take you, but you’re sure going to have some fun getting there together.

Our History

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The Beginning

Back in 1926 when AMA began, only a few hundred Albertans had cars. There were few roads, and even fewer road signs to help people find their way. Exploring by car was hard, sometimes dangerous, and super expensive. These early drivers paid hefty fees and proposed new taxes threatened to make driving even less affordable.

AMA quickly became a voice for these early auto adventurers. Together, we helped stop the proposed new taxes and persuaded the government to build new roads, install road signs, and introduce traffic safety laws. Soon, we became known as advocates for all motorists.

Helping Drivers on the Road

In 1927, AMA began broadcasting road reports and offering roadside assistance to help make driving easier and safer. In these early days, AMA pulled together updates from a network of commercial travelers — including bus drivers, truck drivers and salesmen — who reported on road conditions by phone or telegram. The reports were broadcast daily by AMA on the radio and in newspapers.

Today, AMA Road Reports still draws on a network of collaborators and sophisticated technology. Even though it’s become easier to report on driving conditions, weather, construction and traffic, the goal of our reports hasn’t changed over the decades. We still aim to help drivers make good decisions to get where they’re going safe and sound.

Protecting Members

AMA has always been coming up with new ways to protect our members and the things they care about most. We were the first to register vehicles, sell license plates, and offer driver education. In 1959, we started offering insurance protection for our members’ vehicles and later — their homes.

Today we’re still doing all those things and more. We’re always here to give our members advice to help them stay safe on the road, wherever the road takes them.

Exploring the World

In 1962 we entered the travel business as interest in exploring faraway places grew like crazy and became more accessible and affordable. More than half a century later, our travel specialists continue to look for new and exciting ways to help our members explore the world with confidence.

Offering Mortgages and Saving for the Future

As we kicked off the new millennium, AMA opened Bridgewater Bank to help protect our members’ financial well-being. We wanted to serve our members like we would our close family and friends. Today, our bank offers mortgages and GICs through a broker network.

Looking out for our Environment

AMA continues to take a greater interest in the environment. From public awareness campaigns promoting green driving to constructing new AMA centres with innovative and environmentally-friendly features like geothermal heating, we’re working to help protect our planet.

Supporting Our Community

AMA is actively involved in supporting our communities, from our Fill our Fleet program providing food and toys to charities to make the holidays more heartwarming for everyone, to giving our employees more than 14,000 volunteer hours each year to lend a hand where they see a need.

We’re also helping to build leaders and help elementary school children cross the street to get to school safely in more than 89 communities with our AMA School Safety Patrol program.


AMA has always pioneered new ways to protect the things our members care about most so that they can live their life with confidence. It’s why we got started and it’s what fuels us today.

People you might work with

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Teacher and instigator of "Aha!" moments


Story teller and curious cat


Consummate communicator and amateur yodeling aficionado


Globetrotter and expert escape planner


Teacher and instigator of "Aha!" moments

I love making a difference in people’s lives and there are so many ways to do that at AMA. I started out as an insurance underwriter, but my real love and passion is teaching. Luckily, at AMA there are many different areas to work in and room for professional growth.  After a year, I was offered a position in Insurance Learning and Development. I love helping people learn and giving them the tools and skills to do their job well. It’s when they get the “Aha” moment that I feel like I’ve done my job.


Story teller and curious cat

I work with people who inspire me and keep me motivated. Working on AMA Insider, our member magazine, I am able to inform and influence our members through the stories we share. It’s really rewarding hearing back from members and hearing we made a difference in their life in some way. Even if I just hear from one, I know there are probably more.


Consummate communicator and amateur yodeling aficionado

I love working with cars and I love helping people. At AMA, I get to do both every day. AMA is a huge part of my identity. It is who I am and what I do. I never struggle to find the balance between work and home. One of my favourite stories I tell people is about a member I helped who had her three kids locked in her van. She was really worried and upset. When I showed up right away and unlocked the car, I know I made a huge difference in her life. She gave me a big hug and called me her hero. It was a really emotional moment for me - to know that I could have such a powerful impact to another family.


Globetrotter and expert escape planner

I’ve worked at AMA for 30 years now. I find the satisfaction of a job well done very rewarding. I enjoy helping people plan great vacations for life-long memories. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had kids and I’ve always had a job to come back to – AMA has always been fair. The hours are good and flexible for me. When people ask me why I’ve been here as long as I have, I tell them I’ve just never felt like I had a reason to leave, but I’ve got lots of reasons to stay.

Places you might work

AMA Insurance

Everyone needs a little help getting back on their feet from time to time. That’s why we got started selling insurance 50 years ago, and it’s why we still offer a steady hand to help people protect their homes, vehicles and other treasures.


Bridgewater Bank is a chartered bank and a wholly owned subsidiary of AMA offering unbureaucratic and unconventional service with mortgage solutions you’d be proud to tell your mom about.


Most people want to explore the world with the kind of confidence that comes with knowing someone has your back. For over half a century now, we’ve been delivering great travel deals, sound advice and support to travellers – even when plans go off the rails far from home. As Alberta’s largest retail travel agency with more destination specialists and benefits than anyone, it’s no wonder members turn to us to help build family memories.


We help members with more than a million transactions every year. That’s a lot of driver’s licences, registrations and plates, birth certificates, personal property searches and more. Who else would they trust with such important matters?

Roadside Assistance

Whether a member is driving to work or across the continent, our trucks are waiting. When their keys are stuck in the car, or they need a tow after a collision, we’re ready to help them get back on the road, 24/7.

Driver Education

We’ve got a course for everyone – new drivers, aging drivers, and people looking to reduce demerits. We’re one of the largest driving schools in North America. We think it’s because people love our trusted instructors, interactive classrooms, online options and spiffy new vehicles.

Community Programs

When we work together, we can do great things. That’s why we partner with groups across Alberta: to create programs that make our roads and the environment safer, and to help protect our members’ personal property and identity. We also pitch in to volunteer, collect toys and food and provide donations to support the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Corporate Office Roles

Member-facing employees are busy helping… well, our members. Our corporate support roles make sure these frontline dynamos have the support and advice they need from highly skilled professionals in areas like legal, accounting, communications, marketing, human resources and more. Essentially, we’re all working together to help protect the things our members care today and well into the future.